Week 2: Learning from Past Examples & Breaking Into Our Own

Comments on Lecture:

It was cool to see some examples of past projects and to hear from participating students in person.  I thought the example of developing fertilizer from urine/feces was particularly innovative.  I also appreciated the past students’ insight on project delays and adjusting to the cultural differences around time and work pace.  I think it’ll be important to keep that in mind for our project and to readjust our metric for progress once we’re actually on the ground and trying to implement our water chlorinating device.

Team Update:

Last week, each of us presented on a particular topic (e.g. socioeconomic conditions in Dhaka, water chlorinating device, microbial water testing).  This week, we followed up on two specific devices for introducing chlorine into a water supply: (1) a constant level regulator tank, which dispenses a constant dose of chlorine relative to the amount of water in the tank, and (2) an aspirator, which relies on the Venturi effect to introduce chlorine from a side inlet into a stream of water as it flows through the device.  I’m excited to see what the prototyping team comes up with as we develop our versions of these technologies!

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