Week 3 Prof. Diamond reflection

I was very interested in the Millennium Challenge, something I hadn’t heard of before. I have been reading “It’s Our Time To Eat, ” by Michela Wrong. It is  about corruption in Kenya and a government whistle blower. Prof. Diamond emphasized what this book spends much time discussing: how corruption can become seemingly (irreversibly) entrenched in a society.

Before living in Uganda and traveling around Africa, I hadn’t grasped the widespread nature of corruption. What is astounding is that it exists at every level, from the woman at the counter at airport check-in to Museveni and his now deep and weighty pockets. Coming from the US, I had only imagined corruption on a larger scale, of crooked government figureheads siphoning of millions of dollars. In reality it mirrors the culture of stealing that has also become part and parcel of many developing countries. Everyone is doing it, how can you get ahead, or sustain yourself and family, when everyone else is taking advantage of you and community resources?

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