Week 4

It was great to hear Prof. Grigg’s perspectives and experiences.   Some points that I found remarkable:

1) It’s interesting that Chinese construction companies are growing so fast, but are solely dependent on domestic contracts.  I wonder what the future will hold for these mega-developers (many claim that China’s growth is unsustainable) and if the competencies they develop now will put them in a dominant position for international work in the future (i.e. the US giving contracts with Chinese megadevelopers).

2) Technology exchange can create long-term competitors.  I found this interesting because this phenomenon coincides with both the increasing number of megadevelopers and increased international work for these developers.  The end product will likely be a small number of massive international megadevelopers (including those from China) that have similar capabilities.  Then what would differentiate these megadevelopers would simply by partnerships with much smaller entities that excel in some aspect of a particular project (new “green” materials, unique design style, etc.)

Project Update:

This week, Nabil and I began to discuss different operating models for the business plan.   We began to brainstorm about how to create value for the different stake-holders (compound managers, DWASA, end-users, chlorine manufacturers, etc.). We have allocated two weeks for mapping out operating models, so we will continue this work next week.


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