Week 5 update

This week we discussed various business models that Keegan and Nabil came up with. An issue that we’re grappling with is how the water chlorination schemes will be paid for. For example, we could make our device coin-operated such that each individual person can make the choice of whether or not to chlorinate their water. Or, we can work with NGOs, landlords, or DWASA (the local water authority) to get these devices setup and the chlorination paid for/maintained. There are various advantages and disadvantages of each plan and we’ll continue to evaluate them over the coming days. We also submitted a business plan to the BASES Social E-Challenge, so we’ll get feedback from industry professionals and VCs over the next week to help solidify our plans.

Camil, Yoshika, and I also did some testing last weekend. We noticed that there wasn’t enough water flow going through the actual Venturi device to get chlorination to draw into the water supply via the aspirator. This could have been due to water leakages (non-air tight gaps), the unfixed aspirator, or the size of the gaps around the device within the pipe. Over the next few days these issues are going to be worked on by the prototype team, so we should be back in the lab testing this weekend. We’ll also find out more from the DrinkWell team on Sunday to better understand how our device can perform most effectively.

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