Week 5 update.

At our in class meeting this week we looked critically at what the best avenue for dispensing, manufacturing and managing our product would be. We discussed the benefits and downsides of working through NGOs, DWASA, landlords, individuals or ourselves as an entire entity. We examined some potential business trees to see how cost and time related to each of these options.

In terms of effectiveness, we decided as a group that going through an NGO would be the preferable and potentially most successful option. They would already have on the ground contacts, experience, potential industry contacts and a better trust base. It makes sense not to establish these resources from scratch ourselves when an NGO may already have them.


Another important issue was looking at the coin-operated model. We discussed, but did not come to a definite conclusion about,  the benefits and negative effects of instance payment. Making such a product mandatory by permanent installation with no bypass has some ethical issues.

We will be talking to drinkwell to get their opinion on some of these issues.

In other news, we are getting our very own # 6 lean green pumping machine.

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