Week 5 Prototype Update

This week we focused on the regulator tank design. The regulator tank holds the chlorine and attaches to the venture device.  This connection must maintain a specific pressure for the venturi device to correctly dose chlorine into the water.  We have three designs in mind for accomplishing this (1) constant volume (like the DrinkWell prototype), (2) constant head, and (3) a no-return valve (like the India product).  This week we built a rough prototype of the constant volume design.


A tube from a reservoir (the 5 gallon bucket) supplies water to another tank (the middle bucket). This middle tank has a float valve that allows water to enter from the reservoir while the height of the water is low. When the height of the water reaches a certain level, the float valve closes. When the venturi device draws water from this middle tank the water level goes down and the float valve opens allowing water from the reservoir to replace the lost water. Thus, since the volume is relatively constant, the pressure in the venturi device is also constant.

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