Week 7 Prototype Update

As discussed before we are exploring three different types of regulator tanks using (1) constant volume, (2) constant head, and (3) a one-way valve. This week we were able to prototype the constant head regulator tank.

 The constant head regulator tank maintains a constant pressure for the venturi device by keeping the inlet of the tubing at the same height under the water level.  This is accomplished by attaching the tubing to a float and cutting a hole in the tubing at a prescribed depth.  As the water level goes down, the float also goes down and the inlet hole in the tubing is always at the same level below the free surface of the water.

We used a small through-wall fitting secured with epoxy for the tubing exit at the bottom of the bucket. We used the smaller tubing for this prototype in hopes that it will uptake the chlorine better.

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