Week 8 Solar Demo

Brief reflection on this week’s class:

This was actually the sort of lecture I was expecting throughout the quarter—as in, leaning more towards the technical rather than the social aspects of certain projects, but still under the umbrella of development.  I hope the ESW class continues to provide lectures focused on how to work with the community, but I would also be interested to see more lectures on the fundamental technologies behind solar irrigation, water chlorination, etc.  There’s so much cool innovation going on through development projects that we don’t necessarily get to cover in other engineering classes, and ESW might be a good space to explore more of those.

Team update:

Bit of a hiatus on the testing end this past week.  We’re looking to get our hands on a colorimeter for testing downstream chlorine content in our water supply.  A bit of scrounging around in the lab turned up a few supplies that will come in handy for collecting samples, but the bottleneck will be waiting for the instruments to arrive.  More to come later!

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