Defining the X in OXO

Brief Team Update:

Last weekend, our team got the prototype to work!  Now it’ll be on to tackling the finer details, like chlorine dosage and flow-rates, adjustable by both the water source & by varying the size of the bypass holes in our aspirator holder.


Banny was probably the most engaging guest lecturer we’ve had so far!  And what style!  Favorite quotes/paraphrased bits from the evening:

  • The whole point of design thinking is to uncover the questions that conventions have obscured.
  • If you have your team working in cubicles, then your ideas will look like cubicles.
  • Synthesis | Analysis

All this is really simple (even according to Banny) and arguably intuitive, but the challenge will be to break out of the mindset that we’ve collectively adopted when it comes to problem solving.  We’ve gotten so good at solving certain problems that we’ve stopped questioning whether there’s a better way to go about it.  This last point of his really hit it home for me and is so applicable to research or any sort of work where you have a choice between adopting innovative thinking towards elegant though hard-to-come-by solutions or brute force solely to crank out an answer.  Here’s hoping we can move beyond the latter!

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