Week 8

Banny Banerjee:

What an engaging and provoking speaker!  Very glad I was able to see the video of this (thank you for filming!).  These very theoretical/abstract concepts were a great addition to the more concrete speaker line-up we’ve had.  I liked what he said about finding questions that convention has buried and the cycle of “Concepts Prototyping ->Insights -> Reframing”.  In my work in start-ups, this iterative process is good for a few reasons : 1) It serves as multiple checkpoints  to make sure you’re headed in the right direction with your product development and 2) it provides a series of tangible pieces of evidence that you are making progress (important for relationships with investors and partners)


We’re making progress with our new idea of using advertising as a revenue stream.  We recently spoke with a marketing expert in Dhaka, Bangladesh and found out that the Bangladeshi Government requires all companies to use 4% of their profit toward public goods.  This is fantastic news for us, and we’ve started compiling a list of ~10 Bottled Water companies that may be willing to advertise on our device.

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