Week 3

This week we had a team meeting with Libby Wayman who helped us refine our product development strategy. The session was insightful, particularly when understanding best practices for maintaining ideas and organizing risk analysis/brainstorming. We established a set of criteria that we would like our device to fulfill in terms of its functionality and design and I think that will be useful moving forward and we move into the refining/implementation phases.

In terms of the prototype itself, the prototype team recently developed a new non-return valve using a laser cut plastic ring and part of a yogurt lid. We tested it out and there is still be a bit of leaking, which is fine; we’ll probably need to use some sort of seal around the yogurt lid so there’s no room for water to get past it. Nonetheless, the concept looks like it will work well, and we’re looking forward to testing that further next week. Also, the testing team is interested in focusing more on the dosing, so we made a chlorine sample that is actually representative of the bulk chlorine we’ll be getting in Dhaka (5.25%). If we optimize our device to work with the standard chlorine we get in Dhaka, the project will be more sustainable and easier to implement, so that’s one our next steps moving forward.

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