Week 5

This week we tested the device with a new commercial non-return valve in replacement of our homemade one using a yogurt lid and a plastic ring. The good news is that the non-return is reliable and does it’s job. The bad news is that the non-return valve somehow inhibits any chlorine from being dosed via the Venturi into the water supply. We are still not necessarily sure why that is and we are hoping to generate a few hypotheses over the next few days. In any case, we’ll need to figure out how we can still test the device without experiencing back flow of chlorinated water into our water supply. We tested the device without the non-return valve, and sure enough, it still works as before, which is great. After we figure out a way to prevent back flow, we can then begin to narrow down the dosing via the IV regulator (or perhaps multiple IV regulators in series).

In other news, we are beginning work on our next deliverable, which is a testing report of what we’ve been working on evaluating up until this point. Moreover, we’ll meet with Libby Wayman again next week to do some much-needed failure modes analysis. The business team is going to start work with Hamdan, a grad student in the business school, to improve our ability to develop effective technology for Dhaka.

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