Week 6

We had a very productive second meeting with Libby Wayman this week. On Monday we decided we would implement a second non-return valve above our device (in addition to the one below it) in order to essentially isolate our device within the pipe. On Wednesday, we noticed that this allowed for us to successfully dose chlorine without back flow through the pipe. We noticed, however, that there was significant dripping from the pump down into the barrel (on the outside of the pipes). We first tried wrapping towels around the pipe and they were quickly soaked through. Then, we attached a soda bottle around the pipe to isolate any dripping. This was effective and it also served as a measuring tool by which we could gauge how much water was leaking down. It was a pretty significant amount per 15/20 pumps. So our next step would be to fix this issue using some watertight tape. At the same time on Wednesday we were trying to understand the dosing of the device. So far, our results are very inconsistent with the IV regulator set between open and 1/2 open. We also tried moving the chlorine level drastically up or down, and this had various effects, although still none were consistent. We may, perhaps, need to increase the number of samples we take per test. Or perhaps examine the dosing of  our device outside of the pump setup to get a better understanding of where the inconsistency may stem from at a more fundamental level. Furthermore, perhaps we should fill a can with water and then test that level so it’s more representative of the bulk amounts people will collect in the field. But we still would expect each pump to have the same dosing for accuracy and safety, so figuring that out is critical in the upcoming weeks.

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