Week 6 Prototype Update

This week the we helped out with testing the new set up with non return valves on each side of the device. From this we discovered that a significant amount of back-flow actually came from leaking between the pump and pipe connection.  We first tied towels around the pipe to soak up this leaking, but the towels would get saturated within 5 min. So, Yoshika fashioned a water catcher from a 2 liter soda bottle and that worked pretty well. For future testing, we plan to permanently attach a small section of pipe to the pump with putty to hopefully stop the leaking.

Among other tests, we tested the chlorine tank height effect on dosing. We did a very crude, very drastic test – we testing the dosing with the chlorine tank on the floor and then with the chlorine tank on top of the platform. We found that there was a difference in dosing so we know that height does effect dosing, but we will have to do more tests to determine exactly how much.

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