Week 7 Update

Our latest development (largely thanks to Kara) has been a simplified testing approach for evaluating how consistently our device doses a given volume of water flowing past it.  We assume that the volume of chlorine entering our water supply is directly proportional to the distance the chlorine travels through our IV tube.  Therefore, we have been measuring the ratio of the distance the chlorine travels to the amount of water flowing out the pump.  Over 5 trials, we found that this ratio is consistent within our +/- 25% error tolerance (based on our target dose of 1 +/- 0.25 ppm).  However, we were concerned about the variability in dosing caused by variability in our manual pumping speed.  Therefore, we plan to repeat our tests, except this time we will measure the volume of water taken up by the pump (instead of the volume flowing out of the pump).  We think that the ratio of the water volume taken up to the chlorine volume administered will be a better indicator of our dosing consistency.

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