Week 7 Prototype Update

This week the prototype team made a new prototype and began the pump corrosion test.

We made a new “T” prototype ready for testing. This prototype has the same set up as the venturi based device, but the difference is that instead of a venturi tube (with the narrowing and widening of the internal diameter) there is simply a straight tube. We are eager to test out this device and see if the “T” prototype doses about the same and at a similar consistency. If so, we will go with the “T” design because it reduces the cost because the “T” is more straightforward and simpler to manufacture. This “T” device needs a non return valve attached. We ordered a bunch of different types of non return valves to test out. One type we noticed has a metal spring inside which unfortunately would quickly corrode due to the chlorine. However, some of the other designs don’t have any metal parts! We discovered this by performing some “product surgery”. Fun.

Also this week the prototype team started the pump corrosion test. We cut off two small chunks from the pump (thanks, Keegan!). We placed on chunk in a beaker filled with 1.4ppm chlorine solution and the other in DI water as a control sample. We took a lot of pictures and also recorded the mass of each chunk. Over the course of the next 6 weeks we plan observe how the chlorine affects the iron from the pump by recording the change in mass, the iron content in the solution, and also making qualitative observations like changes in color or smell.

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