Week 8 Update

So far this week, we tested our three current prototypes to see which one allowed the most consistent dosing of our water supply.  Continuing our simplified testing setup from last week, we measured the ratio of water to chlorine taken up by the pump and aspirator, respectively.  (Instead of volumetric measurements, we measured the distance each of these fluids travelled in their respective containers/channels.)  From these preliminary results, we found that the tube-in-pipe concept actually provided the most consistent dosing.

Of course, we’ll have to repeat these tests to increase our sample size (and thus confidence) in these results.  We’d also like to determine our ideal starting chlorine concentration by next week, which will depend on this dosing ratio we’ve been measuring.  Additionally, we’ve been working on a model (based on Bernoulli’s equation) that will relate the flow-rate of the water entering our pump-system to the flow-rate of chlorine being drawn up by our aspirator.

We have a bit more work to churn out before Val & Yoshika head of to Dhaka to implement these technologies, but we’re excited about the progress so far, especially now that we’ve secured more funding to send additional team members to Dhaka in the near future.  (Shout-out to the presenting team for blowing the judges away at the BASES Social-E Challenge!!)

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