Week 10

This week we gave a presentation to the CEE 177S class. It was nice to hear about what the other teams have accomplished over the course of the past two quarters. Moreover, ist was a great opportunity for us to take a step back from the product development and see where we stand overall. I think, of course, we have a lot of testing to do in the next 2 weeks. Luckily, we have a number of testing sessions planned out already. Also, we now have a more systematic description of how our device works and what variables affect it, so our testing protocol seems to be more efficient and effective. Previously, there were simply too many variables at play to really understand how our device was working. I expect that we will primarily be looking for the appropriate chlorine concentration, head difference, and IV regulator setting. Also, we’ll have to see how pumping speed has an effect, while also considering any other remaining confounding variables.

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